Would You Spend a $1.00 Today To Save Your Firm $328,836.27? — An Offer Exclusively for The Trial Guides Community

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Would You Spend a $1.00 Today

to Save Your Firm $328,836.27?

Act Now to Protect Your Client’s Settlement

Save Your Firm Headaches, Hassles and Liability

Our Exclusive Arrangement With PMLS

Lets You Receive

3 Tools to: Reduce Medicare (And All Other Liens) Liens, Effectively Disclose the Potential For Medicare Issues to Your Client, and Avoid Most Liability Medicare Set Asides (LMSAs). Collectively, these are the “BIG 3” Medicare issues confronting Trial Lawyers today.

We at Trial Guides are excited to provide you this exclusive offer from Jack Meligan of THE PLAINTIFF’S MSA & LIEN SOLUTION.

Dear plaintiff’s attorney,

My name is Jack Meligan.

I’m writing to warn you about a very important issue.

And, I’m hoping I’ve caught you in time….

Because what I’m about to share has caught many fine attorneys completely by surprise.

In the coming paragraphs, I’ll explain exactly how our 3 Tools for handling the Big 3 Medicare issues can save your client thousands of dollars–maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars–and protect your firm from liability.


But first, here’s a little background.

A Devastated Client, Double Damages, and a $328,836.27 Punch in the Mouth

Imagine it’s late Friday afternoon when one of your former clients calls.

You pick up, assuming he’s calling to thank you (after all, you recently helped him land a SIGNIFICANT settlement).

But it turns out he’s angry. Confused. Hurt.

Between anguished rants, you discover that one of his health care providers, a former lienholder, is demanding more money.

And lots of it….IT’S MEDICARE!

Medicare won’t pay his post-settlement, incident-related care costs, and his doctors are coming back to him demanding he pay Medicare’s denied bills.

And if he pays those bills from what’s left of his settlement, he’ll be wiped out.

So much for his daughter’s college fund…or fixing his leaky roof and repairing his car. That’s all gone.

Could this really happen?

And, if so, HOW?

Those are the questions the attorneys at Paris Blank, a prominent plaintiffs’ law firm in Richmond, Virginia, were asking themselves. In 2016, Paris Blank was sued for double damages ($328,836.27) by Humana, a Medicare Part C provider.

The suit was later upheld by the 4th Circuit and Paris Blank then settled the case, but had to use firm money to do so as their professional liability carrier would not cover the punitive damages Humana was legally entitled to.

And, it turns out, that Paris Blank was only the first.

Since that watershed ruling, other attorneys have been sued, suspended and even disbarred. They’ve discovered, the hard way, that there are no “carve outs” or exceptions for attorneys.

And that professional liability insurance they paid for years…won’t touch the “double” part of the double damages that companies like Humana can demand and recover.


Clearly, attorneys are reeling from Medicare’s punch in the mouth…

But plaintiffs have suffered even more!

In fact, it’s hard to overstate the financial, emotional and life-altering consequences these problems have caused.

The good news (if there can be any silver lining to all of this) is that we at THE PLAINTIFF’S MSA & LIEN SOLUTION can help. We aggressively resolve Medicare Conditional Payment liens (as well as Medicaid, ERISA, TRICARE and all others), achieving reductions of as much as 40%, 50%, 60% and even higher.

And even more importantly, we confront future settlement-related Medicare cost issues HEAD ON.

And then…

MEDICALLY…LEGALLY and PERMANENTLY help most of your clients avoid a Liability MSA.



For more than 30 years I’ve been serving trial attorneys as they fight for financial justice for their clients.

Back in 1987, I saw a critical flaw in the way personal injury victims were treated during the settlement process. The entire system was built to protect the defendants. Plaintiffs and their attorneys, had very little voice.

That seemed WRONG. And I fixed it by pioneering the changes that gave plaintiffs power over the financial decisions that occur at the exact moment of settlement.

These changes led me to form three companies, including the latest –  THE PLAINTIFF’S MSA & LIEN SOLUTION, LLC (PMLS).      

PMLS is a national plaintiff-only Medicare and MSP compliance and lien resolution service firm. At PMLS we’ve been helping resolve Medicare Conditional Payment liens, and avoid or drastically reduce Liability MSA and other Medicare-related problems, often saving plaintiffs $50,000, $70,000, $100,000 and more. In a recent case, we helped save a client nearly $900,000 in unnecessary funding of a defense-required MSA. And in another, we were able to obtain a lien reduction that saved nearly $350,000 for a desperate plaintiff.

“These folks really know what they are doing – saved one of my clients from potentially overfunding their voluntary Liability MSA to the tune of $247,538!”

—Neil Jackson, Neil Jackson & Partners, Portland, OR, Immediate Past President OTLA (Oregon Trial Lawyers Association)

In fact, using one of the tools available to you below, 67% of our clients have avoided Liability MSAs altogether. In many of those cases the defendants were pushing hard for the plaintiff to create a totally unnecessary MSA.

And yours could be next.

Resolve Medicare Conditional Payments, Document Medicare Discussions with Clients, and Avoid Most LMSAs with 3 Tools


3 Tools to Avoid LMSAs and Solve Medicare Issues

TOOL #1:  For the next 90 days you can get PMLS’ MEDICARE CONDITIONAL PAYMENTS LIEN RESOLUTION SERVICE for $1 (That’s a savings of $749 off our initial fee). This is for the Trial Guide’s community only and will not ever be repeated. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Why deal with the hassles, headaches, expenses and liabilities associated with Medicare?

Why continue to bog yourself and staff down with dealing with Medicare Conditional Payments?

Let us work with you and help you avoid financial costs, legal entanglements and unnecessary delays related to “you and your client getting paid.”


Talking with your clients about Medicare Liens and MSAs can be tough. It’s complicated and there are a lot of points to explain correctly.

To guide your conversation (and to give you peace of mind that you’ve told them everything they need to know) we’re including the exact form we use at PMLS – our PAST AND FUTURE MEDICARE DISCLOSURE FORM.

This form, used early in your process, will help your clients understand Medicare’s Secondary Payer position, give them options for dealing with it, and memorializes and documents their decisions and directions as to how they want you to protect them.

TOOL #3: Why let Defendants push your clients into unnecessary, or grossly over-funded, MSAs? With THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO AVOIDING MSAs — FOR PLAINTIFF ATTORNEYS ONLY, you’ll learn:

  • The 1980 Federal Statute that precludes Medicare from paying your client’s “conditional” medical costs once Medicare discovers your client’s settlement (and they can do it).
  • New information that defines when even future Medicare costs may be “conditional.”
  • How to acquire our 3 WAYS TO AVOID AN MSA TOOLKIT

Of course, it isn’t always possible to avoid an LMSA…but 67% of our clients do!

And then, even if our TOOL KIT can’t totally eliminate the need for an LMSA in your client’s case…

I can promise you that our unique team including registered nurses, lawyers, and other strategic partners can still deliver dramatic results.

In the event that an MSA is unavoidable, and your client decides to voluntary create one, we guarantee that our recommended set-aside funding amount is the lowest, rock-bottom amount that is reasonable and legally defensible.


The place to order these 3 tools is right below the short video that I’ve prepared to explain our services and to answer your questions.

1st TOOL:

For the next 90 days you can get our MEDICARE CONDITIONAL PAYMENTS LIEN RESOLUTION SERVICE for $1 (a savings of $749 off our initial fee).  Just $1.00. After 90 days this will never be offered again — NO EXCEPTIONS. Order now or forever live in regret.

2nd TOOL: 

PAST AND FUTURE MEDICARE DISCLOSURE FORM   NO CHARGE. It’s Free. That means it is a no-brainer. Take it. Use it. Profit from it. On us. You’re welcome!

3rd TOOL: 


How To Order

To receive any of the 3 tools we are offering, please fill out the form below.

To order please check any boxes for the item(s) you want and then fill out the information below.

If you have any trouble with this form, then please call us directly at 503-699-8854 or 888-MSA-PLTF (888-672-7583)

To your success and removing Medicare hassles and issues from your life,


P.S. If you want our actual definitive methods on avoiding MSAs, you owe it to yourself to pick up THE 3 WAYS TO AVOID AN MSA TOOLKIT that is mentioned in THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO AVOIDING MSAs.

This confidential document builds on the concepts covered by our INSIDER’S GUIDE TO AVOIDING MSAs by taking them a step further…

THE 3 WAYS TO AVOID AN MSA TOOLKIT is giving you our actual playbook, our Step-by-Step template for ELIMINATING or AVOIDING MOST MSAs.

And, when you think of the years of hard work and experience that have been poured into these strategies—as well as the savings you will secure for your clients–you’ll know we’re making THE 3 WAYS TO AVOID AN MSA TOOLKIT available to you for pennies on the dollar.

In fact, the first time you use this guide, it will repay your (or your client’s) investment many times over.

If you’re interested in THE 3 WAYS TO AVOID AN MSA TOOLKIT

Click Here. https://www.plaintiffsmsa.com/order-the-three-ways-to-avoid-an-lmsa-toolkit/?page=toolkit

Plaintiffs MSA and Lien Solution - Protecting Plaintiffs from Medicare Issues

Our Lien Resolution Service is Deadly to Lienholders

We provide plaintiff attorneys with, hands down, the most DEADLY EFFECTIVE lien resolution service in existence. Deadly to lienholders, that is. Because we routinely deliver lien resolutions and reductions of 60%, 80% and even 100%.

At PMLS our battle cry is Financial Justice For Injury Victims. We work with Plaintiff Attorneys ONLY. Furthermore, we work hard to prevent ALL LMSAs and Medicare issues from taking any money from an injury victim’s settlement.

In fact, one of our most popular services is our $750 Medicare Conditional Payments Lien Resolution Service.

As shown above, Trial Guides has made it possible for you to receive this innovative service – One Time Only— for just $1.00.

This is not a trick and not a mirage. You can thank Trial Guides, Dr. Aaron DeShaw, and Lisa Carper, for obtaining this special benefit and offer:

If, in the next 90 days, you order our Medicare Conditional Payments Lien Resolution Service for one of your clients, then you will pay just ONE DOLLAR. Saving you $749.00 off our initial fee of $750.00.*

*Note: Our contingent fees for successfully resolving a Medicare Conditional Payment lien with a reduction that saves your client money is not part of this offer. Hey, we have to make something so we can pay our fierce lien litigators for their fantastic results.)

“The Lienholders Aren’t Owed Anything”

At The PLAINTIFF’S MSA AND LIEN SOLUTION ZERO IS THE HERO is an innovative tactic we introduced to the industry.

We also have copped an attitude. Basically, that attitude is that —The Lienholders Are Owed Nothing:

Attorneys Sued Over Medicare Issues - Plaintiffs MSA and Lien Solution

From Jack’s Desk #32: Medicare vs. Trial Lawyers –
It’s Worse Than We Thought – Sued, Suspended & Disbarred

Attorneys are being sued, suspended, and even disbarred over Medicare issues!

In this video I tell you about three attorneys who have been impacted by Medicare issues, including one who was suspended, and another who was disbarred: www.plaintiffsmsa.com/from-jacks-desk-32-medicare-vs-trial-lawyers-its-worse-than-we-thought-suspended-disbarred

From Jack’s Desk #27 Attorneys Sued Over Medicare Issues

I regularly have plaintiff attorneys tell me –

“Until attorneys get sued over Medicare issues, I am not going to deal with them”

Well – attorneys ARE being sued over Medicare issues.

In this video I tell the story of FIVE different situations where attorneys faced monstrous Medicare issues. Specifically, four attorneys were sued over Medicare issues and one attorney was given disastrous advice directly from Medicare: www.AttorneysSuedOverMedicareIssues.com

Put Us To Work On Your Medicare Conditional Payments Lien Resolution Situation

If you are ready to have us help you with a Medicare conditional payments lien resolution situation, then please call us at 888-MSA-PLTF (888-672-7583. Or, this link here will take you to the order form you need to get started – www.plaintiffsmsa.com/3-tools-to-avoid-lmsas-and-medicare-issues-an-offer-exclusively-for-the-trial-guides-community

​For more information about how THE PLAINTIFF’S MSA & LIEN SOLUTION can help you CONQUER your Medicare and lien problems, and possibly make them DISAPPEAR – go to the PMLS website at www.plaintiffsmsa.com, or call us at 888-MSA-PLTF (888-672-7583).


Jack Meligan, RSP, BCFE, MSCC, CMSP-F
Your Medicare & Lien Problem Solver

P.S. I regularly create a PLAINTIFF’S MSA & LIEN SOLUTION video email and distribute this resource to plaintiff trial attorneys, and paralegals, who are serious about stopping Medicare issues cold.

In order to stay up to date on my insightful perspectives and strategies about Medicare and lien issues, subscribe to our email newsletter at: https://www.plaintiffsmsa.com/subscribe-jacks-medicare-issues-video-email/

Plaintiffs MSA and Lien Solution - Protecting Plaintiffs from Medicare Issues

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